The world stands still – covid-19 brings us into our knees. We need to stay home. Problems like loneliness, domestic violence, lack of education, less income and cancellations of all events are leading to negativity, anxiety and lack of knowledge in our society.

We do not want to give up that quickly. We want to focus on appreciation and gratefulness for the small things in life. We want to focus on the good news. We want to focus on the most important “thing” these days: the human being it self.
You. He. She. It. We. You. They. I.

popcorn is the most common snack on events and parties – the latter we have to forego. If a corn pops sth new and unique (and sth tasty ;)) rises. We all  associate sth positive with popcorn – especially in times of corona/ isolation we appreciate this trivial snack even more.
Popcorn is a symbol for good times. Furthermore „to pop“ means: use your full potential the best you can. Pull it all out! We need to pull the best out of us to survive this crisis. This is what we should do: Pop your gratefulness. Pop your love. Pop your creativity. Pop your helpfulness. …
You pop! #popcorona



Pop it out loud

Next to all the potential for more creativity, stronger community,  appreciation for the small things and less hustling, Quarantine causes stress which could lead to a more aggressive behaviour. Domestic violence increases.

Therefore, we want to help in time of crisis and used the identity of #popcorona to think further: 
If you hear domestic violence – POP IT OUT LOUD.
With „Pop it out loud“ we want to encourage persons concerned – and persons who notice such incidents – to make aware of their situation. 

How to adapt this to a harsh and sensitive topic like domestic violence?
We don’t want to trigger subjective formation of opinion. Therefore we decided to use no person – just houses as a symbol for everyone – women, men or kids – who are concerned and for neighbours who should say sth if they notice domestic violence.
We want to put focus and emphasis on the importance of that tipping point: If someone steps forward and is brave enough to report domestic violence it triggers a wave of courage (aka reports). This process is similar to making popcorn: One corn in a pot starts to pop and all the other corns follow – in an even higher pace. Pop it out loud – & you will be helped! #onepopmakesadifference