Next to all the potential for more creativity, stronger community,  appreciation for the small things and less hustling, Quarantine causes stress which could lead to a more aggressive behaviour. Domestic violence increases.

If you hear domestic violence – POP IT OUT LOUD.
We want to encourage persons concerned – and persons who notice such incidents – to make aware of their situation. 

How to adapt this to a sensitive topic like domestic violence?
We don’t want to trigger subjective formation of opinion. Therefore we decided to use no person – just houses as a symbol for everyone – women, men or kids – who are concerned and for neighbours who should say something if they notice domestic violence.
We want to put focus and emphasis on the importance of that tipping point: If someone steps forward and is brave enough to report domestic violence it triggers a wave of courage (aka reports). This process is similar to making popcorn: One corn in a pot starts to pop and all the other corns follow – in an even higher pace. Pop it out loud – & you will be helped! #onepopmakesadifference

To not only make aware of the huge issue – we cooperate with Koordinierungsstelle gegen häusliche und sexualisierte Gewalt der Freien Wohlfahrtspflege Bayern and the Munich fashion label wiLLi the Label: The T-Shirt supports with every purchase (the total net proceeds) women and children who are victims of domestic violence. 

For all who wants to know more – or for those who need help:
08000 116 016

for the region Bavaria
www.wege-aus-der-gewalt.de (barrier-free)